Why Blackacre Prep?

There are a lot of law school admissions prep companies out there. And as the competition to get into law school gets stiffer, the market gets more and more saturated with companies claiming they have all your admissions answers. So why, of all the options out there, should you trust us to help you get into the best possible law school? 

Here are some of the many reasons we offer an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

1.     We are the people other companies charge hundreds of dollars per hour to work with you.

A lot of companies bill out their consultants at upwards of $300 an hour, but those consultants actually only get paid a fraction of that. We offer the same expertise (we’ve actually been those consultants at other companies)— we’ve just removed the middle man and passed the savings onto you. We don’t charge for fancy branding or a one-off call with an admissions “guru” who you rarely work with again. With Blackacre Prep, you get first-rate guidance at a tiny fraction of the cost.

2.     We actually went to law school.

So many prep companies hire people who did well on the LSAT but couldn’t tell you much about what law school is actually like or what makes admissions officers tick. As graduates of Yale Law School who got into Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Chicago and more, we know law schools, and we know legal careers. And that translates into first-class guidance to help you craft a superior application package and steer you through the difficult process of finding the school that’s the perfect fit for you!  

3.     We are communications experts.

In addition to attending law school and practicing law, everyone at Blackacre Prep has experience working in communications. Applying to law school is about advocating for yourself and crafting the strongest possible narrative across your app materials. At Blackacre, we have all spent years honing our advocacy and communications skills in the real world and apply those skills to helping sell you as a candidate.

4.     We don’t just correct your grammar and call it a day.

So many other companies help clients make things sound pretty, but without attention to things like framing and application cohesion. We don’t just do surface-level editing. For each essay, we’re involved from the ground up, providing substantive, whip-smart feedback to help you craft compelling applications materials.

5.     We tailor everything to you.

Many companies will force you to pay for packages and services you don’t need or want. Blackacre Prep works with our students to figure out what works for their needs and budget. Our consultants help you come up with a work plan tailored to exactly what you want—and to your schedule as well!  

Want to learn more? Go to  https://blackacreprep.com/free-consultation to schedule your free consultation and hear more about the work we do!

Jennifer Skene